Nov 19, 2009

Where on Earth?

WELCOME, fellow Babalusians...

* * *

This Cubanita over here has been like living in a parallel reality for the last couple of months. Crazy. Busy. And trust me, it is not your standard “I’ve been too busy” kind of explanation.

Lots of work-related traveling. Countless flight-miles logged in, which made me camped out on Twitter @cbntaRMNP most of the time… Twitter is the best thing whne you have limited time to write blog posts. You’re welcome, Twitter, for the free commercial ;-)

In the middle of that, I lived invaluable once-in-a-lifetime experiences:

I met my now BCFE’s [Best.Cuban.Friends.Ever – trademark, please. I know. Shut. Up.] Marta, from MBFCF, and her oldest daughter Kikita. And I will need to devote an entire post to describe that afternoon: downtown San Diego completely taken by three (very opinionated, I should add) Americans of Cuban origin… women. Go figure!

It will never get old, what I told them both that day: I did felt we have known each other forever and I know we will remain MCFE's for the rest of our lives. Oh, boy, and we DID talked about plans!

Last but not least, I have my family together!
My old man, my dear viejo was finally able to get out of that hellhole that is Cuba (for regular, average Joe Cubans, BTW) and arrived to America in late October. Welcome, papi, to the land of the free!

Do I really need to elaborate on the immense peace of mind this working Mom over here has had since then? Just for starters, this will be the first time I have my family together for Christmas, in almost ten years. I know. It does not get any better.

That is also the main reason lying behind my prolonged on-and-off blogging hiatus and my conscious efforts to stay away from posting on Cuba’s issues for a while.

I decided to protect my father until he safely arrived to American soil, because with castro’s thugs, you never know. They have their Internet Rapid Response Brigade Trolls every where…

Now, I need to get back to (the blogging for Cuba) work.

You know... it is kind of curious; there is a huge similitude between the road to statism/socialism where the Obama administration is taking the United States, and the reality of my homeland, destroyed by a communist totalitarian monarchy that is, itself, the epitome of statism. So huge that when blogging about America today, I always feel that I am also blogging for the freedom of Cuba.

But, who cares? We're just crazy radical Cubans, soaked-rich batistianos from Miami and we don't know what are we talking about...

So, just to keep up with the mood, I will leave you with Exhibit #1: A medical record from Cuba, the paradise of free and universal health care. [No, I swear to God these are not documents stolen from a museum.]

Venezuela, brace yourself.

Americans, keep barking at the moon… or bowing to the world for that matter. It might be kind of late when you realize what have you got yourselves into.

Good bye, state-of-the-art medical care. Welcome to the socialized health care of the X Century! Ooops, I meant XXI Century! - Please, don't beat me. I am just a blogger. I mean, after all, what's so wrong with socialism anyway, right?


Berrinche said...

I am very happy for you, your Dad, and your family. Your Dad just arrived in the United States of America, not America. Cuba is part of America also.

Marta said...

And so much still to say! I continue to celebrate your Papi's return to you.

Muchos Besos,
Your Cubiche in Chief

Juju at Tales of said...

Oh God.
How scary!

Congratulations on your Papi!
That's beautiful.

Alberto de la Cruz said...

Felicidades a ti y a tu papi!

Cubanita said...

Thank you all. We're really happy for having my Dad with us now.

Berrinche, thanks to you too and trust me, I know the geographical difference between the United States and America the continent. I just choose American/Americans, mostly when I write in English, out of tradition and personal choice. ;-)