Dec 8, 2009

Chavez loads on Russian missiles

Venezuela's Hugo "Monkey" Chavez publicly said today that he bought thousands of Russian missiles and its rockets launchers, because Colombia and the United States are going to attack and invade him and his kingdom.

Whatever weed Evo Morales is shipping him from Bolivia must be good or tampered; it is obviously damaging the scarce neurones Chavez has left.

Why do I find this tune so familiar?

Oh, wait! I'm Cuban born, under castro's plantation. And as far as my memory can go back on time, we always have to be prepared for the invasion from the americanos.

It is so surreal, that even a few weeks ago the slave-owners were trying to entertain the masses, yet again, with the same kabuki theater.

The stupidity of these crap of human beings - not to be more explicitly accurate - knows no limits. Back there in Cuba, and myself living a few feets from the shoreline, WE dreamt with the americanos. It was just like; OK, I just want them to get here, pronto!

I had a friend that used to say: "The only thing I really want is to have the americanos getting in here, now!. I need them to get rid of this communist crap that is killing us over time. I can even put a sign on my front door: Marines, mi casa es su casa".

The dictatorship efforts to deviate people's thougths from real life needs, hunger, misery, lack of freedom and repression knows no limits. The trully believe our brains were removed the minute we were born under their dark communist rule.

And just a while ago, a Venezuelan friend tells me story of a relative of her that recently told her: "You know what, I don't care to be called the most unpatriotic person in Venezuela; I just want the marines to get here, now!".

Coincidence? Don't think so.

Meanwhile, Emperor-to-be Obama is amused seing the unicorns flying over the east garden of the White House, barking at the wrong - or was it bowing at the wrong king? - and drooling over Hopenhagen.

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