Dec 8, 2009

The hope this country needs...

lies in the hands of congressional candidates like retired army Lt. Col. Allen West.

American Thinker posted an article back in March on how people like West can help us to "start getting our political class off being stuck on stupid."

Down to earth, commonsense Americans like him are the ones we need to help us take our country back from the path to socialism & statism the current administration is taking us to.

I was impressed and moved by his speech and if I lived in the 22nd District of Broward County, in Florida, this gentleman would have had my vote, in a heartbeat.
I say we need to vote out all incumbent politicians- or the biggest majority, from both parties - and get common sense Americans in office.

There are many Sarah Palins around us... we just need to look harder, get involved and as Mr. West said, step out to the plate for the sake of our children's future. 

As I've written in my posts before, I already lost a country - by default, I should add. I do not want my son to lost his, and then me, ended up telling him that I didn't do anything to fight for it.

But that might be just me, you know, a crazy and intransigent Cuban American Mom... :-)

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