Dec 14, 2009

Cuba, "Hope & Change" and fishy smell...

An American contractor and/or tied to the Obama administrations, in Cuba with a tourist visa, has been detained by Cuban State Security since Dec. 5th, alledgedly for distributing laptops and cellphones.

And what's gonna happen when the travel restrictions are lifted and Americans starts flooding the communism's museum, bringing democracy with each mojito and underage sexual relationship? Oh, wait, that is spying or enemy propaganda; that is not as dangerous as tha forbidden access that laptops and cellphones can give to the Cuban slaves, so is it "bringing democracy one mojito at a time", or "one cell phone at a time"... never mind.

The (fishwrap) New York Times  waited a week to come up with the story?
Weird. Very weird.

Castro's kabuki theater to hold onto the embargo and avoid losing his eternal excuse, prisoners trade off... humm, humm, humm.