Dec 16, 2009

Oh, boy! Rubio & Crist tied in polls!

And merely 11 months prior to the elections!
Personal bias aside, this Cuban American 2.0 is rocking the boat in Florida.

Yes, he can! ... and, sorry, Charlie!
For a full inmersion program on who Marco Rubio is - former Florida Speaker of the House, BTW- check here.

I would have to add that, since the very first second I saw the video of this speech at at CANF luncheon honoring Obama during the presidential campaign - yep, Obama- I just loved the way this man got in the face of the Messiah-in-the-making and how he put the now state-run MSM back in its place, all with magnificent grace and elegance.

Agreed with Babalu: CANF pulled out that video from YouTube -which deactivated my own link, of course-  and they NEED to put it back. Period.
Here is Val's transcript of the speech.


Juju at Tales of said...

I LOVE Rubio! and that's where my Floridian vote will be going!

Cubanita said...

He got my vote - eventhough I can not vote in Florida - since day one, when I heard that speech he gave in front of Hugobama at the CANF luncheon. That's our man!