Dec 9, 2009

FISTGATE Part III - Oh, my! This has no end?!

(Check the summary I posted yesterday here, or check Jim Hoft's original stories posted at Big Government.)

Thought your kids were safe at school?
Well, think again.

The sordid saga with Kevin Jennings, Obama's finger/fist-appointed Safe Schools Czar seems to have no end.

Today, Hoft delivered the third part of his investigative reporting on Jenning's involvement with the organization GLSEN and the type of "education" this group has delivered to public school students in Massachussets.

The whole thing get sicker by the minute, so you better go directly to the source. I just had lunch and need to keep my food down.Even worse, Hoft wrote that there is more to come...

(Remember that some of those links to original documents, audios and images from the 2005 GLSEN conference are sexually explicit.)

Again, this is not about teaching teenagers respect to other people's sexual preferences. This is not about Aids/HIV or STD's prevention. This is not about teaching our kids to be responsible adults.

This is something that goes way above and beyond, in a very twisted and sicked sense. I can't help to wonder what a father on his right mind would think of seeing his son attending this kind of conferences.

Again, we prosecute the scumbags who corrupt and lure our kids with child pornography and those who sexually abuse them in any form. But this guy - who has more skeletons in his closet that the world's biggest cementery - gets a free pass and a cabinet position with the Obama administration.

Oh, boy... tell me who your friends are...

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