Dec 10, 2009

More on the Fistgate... grab a barf bag, or two, or three

Part IV: Only in the Obama White House can a man with a history of handing out bar guides to teens be promoted to Safe Schools Czar

Part V: One of the "instructors" in the fisting workshop said all her higher ups knew and approved the content of the conference's presentations.

The golden quote - and take home lesson here - is what this educator said to a newspaper in Boston:

"She taught them sex because she thought she knew better than the parents what should be taught to the children."

This is the mentality that rules deep in the brain of all socialists, communists, statits and et-al: we, regular common sense parents are so subnormal and stupid that we need a goverment bureocrat to educate our children.

Apply that rule to all phases of your life and society and what do you get? The sick, twisted and freak this country is being taken to...

Last night, Hannity covered on his show.
Where is the rest of the media?
Where is the resignation?
Where is the prosecution?

Where are the Hispanic / Latino reporters and journalists covering this story and letting Spanish-speaking parents know what's happening with their kids in public schools?

Where? Where? Where?

I am thinking in doing my own free translation of a summary of all this and email it to all Spanish-speaking parents that I have on my several email contact lists...

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