Dec 10, 2009

Human Rights Day

Curse word in Cuba.

Dare to mention it, like Dr. Darsi Ferrer does, and you'll ended up in jail. However, there are countless of useful idiots in the United States that have the guts to defend the communist dictatorship and to stand by the plantation's owner. Hipocrisy? Nah! I have a better word in Spanish, but I won't even try to translated into English, out of simple decency.

Here is a CNN clip that shows (c)astro mob's assaulting peaceful dissidents trying to march in La Habana to conmemorate Human Rights Day. A British diplomat that was trying to join the peaceful demonstration was also assaulted by the goverment's mob.

Flashback in history. (Scroll down to the end of the post, to the white and black photos)

(Jews being humilliated and forced to clean the streets in Nazi Germany. Average people around watch... and with their silence, approve)

Bertha Soler, Dama de Blanco (Lady in White) and wife of human rights activitist, rising her un-armed arms (there is no 2nd Amendment in Cuba remember?) being attacked by the goverment mob, while trying to silently and peacefully march for the freedom of her husband.

More photos at The Real Cuba.

Another youtubed evidence of the goverment attacks against the Ladies in White:

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