Dec 16, 2009

Safe Schools Czar stuff keeps coming: Fistgate VIII

Fistgate VIII: this time, detailing a book promoted by GLSEN, the organization founded by Jennings, that happens to recommend the book "Reflections of a Rock Lobster" as reading material for 7 to 12 graders.
A book that details gay sex between first graders.

Here is another report on it, brought to you by... Fox News.

On a side note, it seems the teachers who participated at the 2000 GLSEN conference in MA were given a certificate of six hours of continuing education.

Charles Winnecof, at Big Hollywood, has posted about how liberals are using the gay rights movements to shove down our throat their political agenda -via attacks against conservative values- with no regards to the true meaning of tolerance and respect torwards other people's personal decisions.

However (blame it on my language barrier if you want) Winnecof seems to justify some of these conducts and "educational methods"  that for me, as a mother, are completely unexcusable.

As I've written since my very first post on Fistgate, this is not about teaching teenagers responsible sexual behaviours, tolerance and respect to other people, this is something way more pervert.

No matter their sexual orientation, this stuff is a psicological sexual violation of our children, in public grounds, with public monies and supported by the goverment.

Here are a couple of comments to the aforementioned article - emphasis mine (shortly after this, the comments section on Winnecoff post were disabled [?])

Brian_Hines 73p · 3 hours ago The only problem I've had with the gay rights movement is the attack on my values and beliefs. I completely agree with the sentiment that the government shouldn't legislate someone's bedroom, but isn't passing out this literature to children an attempt to do just that, only with a private group working hand in hand with a co-opted government instead of directly from the horse's mouth? If you are fighting for equal rights, you are fighting to be the same as us. Instead, it occurs to me that the movement isn't about gays getting equal protection, but that the left has entered the equation and are using the movement to tear down traditionalists like myself.

Plus, as detailed in the article and in other comments, producing this smut for the consumption of children leaves a lot of us in the impossible situation of trying to explain away this event to people who believe that all gay people are inherently evil and want to corrupt our children's minds. There are those of us who defend your right to be gay, even people like me who don't believe in gay marriage (take marriage out of the government's hands camp here!), who can't really argue something like this away, doing a disservice to your fight. It seems to me that too many gay people don't realize that this fight isn't their fight, it's the left's fight and they're being used as the boxing gloves.

onecent 73p · 3 hours ago One more time, folks, get sex out of our public schools, it is not the responsibility or prerogative of the government to be educating our children on sexual matters. It is the prerogative of parents and belongs in the home. And, yes, there will be parents that won't do it or will do a bad job of it, but, prove to me that in the decades since the government and the teacher's union took on this task that the stats on promiscuity and teenage pregnancies have gotten any better? Parents have the right to the timing and content of sex education.

The clowns running the public schools can't even teach basic math/reading/critical thinking skills let alone be charged with the task of something as morality based as sex education. These are the same clowns that thread the unsubstantiated and unchallenged bad science of GW across all grades without our permission too. Too many "too busy" and clueless parents have mindlessly surrendered their kids to the liberal education complex. Privatize the public schools with a voucher system and kill this monster.

Ditching the old "Mothers know best" is what have been screwing up in the first place. Who on earth told GLSEN, the department of education, the goverment and et-al that they know better than me what's the timing to teach my child about sexual education? Try to mess up with this Cuban American mother or my Cuban American 2.0 in-the-making and you'll have the best cultural competency lesson of your life...

Still waiting for the resignation and the next Van Jones moment... tic, tic, tic...