Jan 27, 2010

Cuba: a catastrophe in the making

There is actually no need for me to ellaborate on the details of this article from Kenneth A Chandler, published in The New York Post. 

Yes, that was the depressing and sad reality that I saw about eight months ago, when I had to go back there for three weeks due to my father's heart attacks.
"Much has been written about Haiti being a failed state in the wake of its devastating earthquake. But just to its west lies another human catastrophe in the making -- Fidel Castro's Cuba. Havana is a city of sorrow -- a once elegant and prosperous capital brought to despair by 51 years of deliberate neglect and isolation."
That's what I saw when I went back to Cuba. That's what made question everything, from very own existence, the dynamics with my parents - who lived Cuba before Castro -  and even the purpose of writing this blog.

What for?, I asked myself.

I saw young people repeating the anti-American rethoric they have been feed since they are born, but longing the material posesions that arrive from that same evil empire.

I saw faces of dispair, sadness, hunger, resignation, lost hope.
I saw broken souls.

And outside the sight of my relatives, many times I cried when I realized the Cuban people has been broken by 50 years of communist dictatorship. The worse part is that they don't know that - one can only realize it when you have left the gulag.

Even if change arrives tomorrow, most Cubans wouldn't have the slightest idea of what to do with it.

We will need another 50 years to change that mindset, and to rescue the broken souls of three generations born and raised under that monstruosity.

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