Jan 28, 2010

POTUS delivers SOTU with the usual TOTUS

Humm, Humm, Humm...

I have to confess that I DID try to fullfill my civil duty by reading the full text of Obama's State of the Union address... but the minute I reached this phrase, hell froze over:

"And tonight, I would like to talk how together, we can deliver on that promise."

[Clear throat] Ejem... Mr. President, this country needs commonsense solutions to its problems, no more promises. It's been a year and this guy is still in full campaign mode - unreal!

[And it was a capella, you know, no Greek columns or anything like that. Just surrounded my Madam Nancy "Botox Prevents Me From Blinking" Pelosi and Joe "Coming Late for Malcom Bridge Awards" Biden... that's not fair!]

In a New York minute, I stopped reading. (I know, I missed the unprecedent disrespect towards the Supreme Court, which also proves that Barak Hussein Obama is nothing but a demagogue)

AP already fact-checked the speech and came to the conclusion that Obama is a "hatched" liar. Manipulative like there is nobody else; although I think that is a job description requirement for most politicians.

75 minutes for a speech?!
C'mon... was he channeling (c)astro's with his hours long speeches or what?

The best part of the night was Bob McDonnel's response.

However, there were pretty tied runner-ups:

Justice Alito "You Lie" moment.

Dirty Harry Reid's sleep deprivation - man, you need to work those cornhusker deals at earlier hours!

Janet Napolitano "slept at homeland security" on camera, in Congress

McCain "blame it on Bush" slap against POTUS

(For Michelle Malkin's live blogging of SOTUS, go here)

And, to add insult to injury, about one hour after his speech, through his propaganda arm - Organizing for American - Obama sent out a letter to supporters asking for... money!  I wonder if he was hypnotized during inauguration day and that's why he doesn't remember he is already president?

All this makes me think I was right by not wasting one hour and fifteen minutes of my evening in a (c)astro wannabe, reloaded a little bit North.

If Obama would have included other talking points in his SOTUS, well, that would have been too much to ask for... I think I'm being delusional, so I am going to sleep!

We'll have, for sure,  a couple of weeks of MSM verborrage about POTUS, SOTUS and his imprescindible TOTUS...

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Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I caught the ending of it.
I can't believe how he disrespected the Supreme Court.
Honestly, I can't believe how anyone still takes anything he says seriously.