Jan 21, 2010

The post Massachussets election "must" reflexion

The reflexion about what happened last night in Massachussets and the message for both parties and ALL politicians is clear: don't mess with our freedom and the core values of our nation.

And I had to add the photo because, with all due respect... C'Mon... ;-)

Alberto, over there at Babalu Blog, has penned the perfect reflexion, based on a John Laudon's post at Big Government that is a must read (I read it last night and posted via Twitter but, jeez, was way to tired to blog about it.)

"Scott Brown was elected by the voters of Massachusetts yesterday not because he was a Republican, but because he was not an Obama Democrat."

We are tired of the corruption, the spending, the entitlements and the chronic and constant attitude by politicians and their cronies that we, the people, are not important. That what we want from them - as our employees - does not count.

We. Are. Tired.
And when it is our country what is at stake, we will not rest until we take it back.

I agree American deserves the best.
And if that means voting people out regardless the letter behind their names, or calling our our own GOPers, well... so be it.