Jan 22, 2010

Quick backyard round-up

What's up, Colorado, after The Massachussets Miracle?!

We, The People, - of Colorado - also had our modest take in Scot Brown's victory in Mass. From small donations, to volunteers going to Boston to countless grassroot activists working online, Coloradans joined Americans from all over the country to send a message to the current administration: we are up against corruption, and we're gonna take our country back.

Michael "Miguelito" Bennet, you are next. There is not enough amount of back-and-forth, flip-flopping and fake hara-kiri that could make you look better in our eyes.

Besides, I personally dislike your mass emails trying to convince me that the goverment power grab of our health care is the 8th wonder of the world, when I have personally emailed you that I DON'T LIKE THAT IDEA!

In our own governor's race, Dan Maes, the Republican candidate endorsed by The Tea Party Movement and the 9/12 project, is leading Republican Scott McInnis in the polls.

Maes was also endorsed by the non partisan Independence Caucus (iCaucus), while McInnis declined to participate in the organization's vetting process.

PPC has a balanced pros & cons on Maes, which to my eyes, makes him looks a lot like Scott Brown - I know, the unavoidable comparison: a commonsense guy, conservative on fiscal issues and moderate on social issues. I'd have to say that I echo the doubts and need to learn more about him. Or we could choose the easy way, and just pick the guy that has the best six-pack ;-)

In real life, however, anything would be better that the band of radical left and socialistoids Democrats and Obama's sycophants we currently have in office.

In this case, I personally side with the indies in Colorado: I also “want the Democrats out of (my) pockets and the Republicans out of (my) bedrooms.” Which takes me to remember the happiness I felt the days news broke up about Gov. Ritter quitting the gubernatorial race. Good bye, Mr.Car-Registration-Fee, and good riddance...

And going full circle with Brown's election, while most of the country was following the results, Coloradoans didn't waited and, as other 29 states have done, joined the 10th Amendment Revolt: in the steps of the capital in Denver, a ballot measure to protect Coloradoans from the health care federal mandate was announced by Jon Caldara, from the Independence Institute. How's that for taking issues in our own hand?

Oh, boy, this year 2010 is gonna be... interesting.

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Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I echo that sentiment. 2010 is going to be very politically interesting.