Feb 16, 2010

CO Dems kills transparency & want me to pay more?

Yeah, sure.
Today, Colorado Democrats killed a bill aimed at transparency: nothing more and nothing less than requiring school districts to post their expenses online for voters to see them.

School districts like the failed School District 6 that last november pushed really hard a measure to increase our property taxes in order to receive more funding.

That measure was defeated by voters, but we're talking about the same school district that have huge administrative expenses and higher-ups perks, while teachers and students are barely scrapping by. The district spends 87% of its budget in personnel costs, for Christ's sake!

We also have to say that recently, the school district 6 put its expenses online, but so out of context that anyone will need to file FOIA's request in order to learn the details. What was posted, however, is scary nonetheless.

And this is just the local example I use because it is the one that affects me the most. What about the rest of the districts in the state? Who knows what's happening in those checkbooks?

In issues of common sense, like this one, I have to resort to my (Cuban) mother simple logic:
If they don't want the school districts budgets open to the public, what on earth are they trying to hide?

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