Feb 22, 2010

Farmers' militia in Venecuba... or Cubazuela?

You thought what castro did with Cuba was never gonna happen in Venezuela with the Monkey Chávez?

Well, think again.

The next step wiill be the -mandatory - military preparedness classes in all high schools. Had to attended those suckers-time-wasters for six years: three in middle school and three in high school. If you didn't, you couldn't graduate.

My high school class were all girls. I graduated from la Lenin, a high school specialized in extended academics, focused in sciences. Sciences. Our group focus was Chemistry and Biology.

Can you imagine 28 girls forced to attend military preparedness classes when we had to meet top of the line grades requirements, independent studies and truckloads of homework not only to graduate but in order not to be expelled from that school?

Twenty eight of them. And the militar instructor was a poor soul of sargent that I don't think even finished 9th grade. We tortured him like there was no tomorrow with a simple girly fact: I can't pull apart that stupid and greasy AKM-42 because it will stain my hands and mess up my manicure.

"Students! You have to be prepare for the yankees' invasion!," he would yell.
Yeah. Sure. Where are the blond Americanos? Bring them on, stat!

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