Feb 19, 2010

Sexy Cuban Protest

It's been over the media in Spanish since yesterday: a Cuba exile protested against the lack of freedom of speech in Cuba and against Europe's coddling with the (c)astro regimen, at the main entrance of the EU building in Madrid, Spain.

He claimed for democracy for Cuba wearing handcuffs, gagged and... naked. And  with that "hottie-McAwesome-body", pleeeeease...

Now, seriously...

Facing the morning cold in Madrid, César Alexander Cozar Rivera, a Cuban activist from the organization Cuba Democracia Ya, performed the singular protest while the fourth forum on Hispanic-Cuban human rights was taking place at the building. This forum was created back in 2007, when Miguel Angel Moratinos visited Havana.

According to the AFP report in Spanish -in my own free translation - Cozar Rivera said he was there representing all dissidents and Cuban exiles that havent received "'neither any answer nor an adequate human treatment during the past 50 years."

He criticized the Spanish government, saying they are "not interested in human rights or democracy for Cuba." During his performance, he stood on the Cuban flag to demonstrate "the extreme deterioration" suffered by the island, "due to the economic interests concealed under laws to promote development."

And whoever out there is the taking the sideways to criticize the use of the Cuban flag, simply put, has no clue.

We have reached a point where everything one can do to protest the (c)astro dictatorship and his enablers and useful idiots, WILL COUNT.

"Both the Spanish socialist government and the Cuban tiranny are dragging my country's flag" and their collaboration is a "theater" and a "circus," added Cozar, saying that Cuba keeps killing people in the firing squad while forcing (us) to exile,"which is destroying Cuban families and obstructing the education of young people." "Cuba is the only country where human rights are not violated simply because they don't exist."

El Mundo (Spanish newspaper) also covered it.

Penúltimos Días (in Spanish) has more on Moratinos' position, which basically means to continue coddling and enabling the Cuban regimen, and who cares about democracy and freedom of speech for those Cubans...


Sassa said...

He's hot.
I'm having a hard time focusing on the message and not the medium.

Cubanita said...

I know!
It's like, baby, with that body... whatever... what was the message again ;-)

But I think IT did make an oustanding statement!

Anonymous said...

I could not disagree with you more.
To real cubans, our flag is something SACRED. Many cubans, (and non-cubans), have shed rivers of blood for own lone star flag to stand out, proud and invincible.
I hate the Castros' imbecile and bloody gang but I would never, EVER use my flag to protest against them.
Today, more than ever I remember Bonifacio Byrne when he said:

En los campos que hoy son un osario
vio a los bravos batiéndose juntos,
y ella ha sido el honroso sudario
de los pobres guerreros difuntos.

Orgullosa lució en la pelea,
sin pueril y romantico alarde:
¡al cubano que en ella no crea
se le debe azotar por cobarde!

Si deshecha en menudos pedazos
llega a ser mi bandera algún día...
¡nuestros muertos alzando los brazos
la sabrán defender todavía...!

Cubanita said...

Anonymous, the concept of being "a real Cuban" should be above and beyond our disagrements.

Unfortunately, that's the hardest lesson we, Cubans, will have to learn the day our patria is free again: we need to learn to live and respect our differences.

That's the greatest damage the 51 years of castrocomunism have done our country and to several generations of Cubans.

I respect your position, but I also respect HIS freedom to choose any form of peaceful protest that he deems fit to his particular situation. It might be un-orthodox, yes, but he caught the attention to our country's situation and that's the ultimate goal, IMHO.