Feb 4, 2010

Obama keeps biting more than he can (or know how to) chew

This POTUS of ours never ceases to surprise me.

It seems that it is not enought that, in the middle of sinking approval rates and countless voters with buyer's remorse, he is pushing backroom deals to grab 1/6 of the US economy with his Obamacare, he is seriously risking the national security of this country, he's pushing for a cap & trade scam that will be a coup de grace to our economy, he's taking deficit, national debt and goverment power to extreme limits never seen before, and there is the effort to irreversibly damage our Constution and our God given rights of free speech and bear arms... but it seems that all that is not enought to keep him entertained.

On top of being the Messiah that constantly tell us we're too stupid to really understand his Obamacare, he now wants to be The Translator in Chief.


As someone with a totally vested interest in the topic, because I am a professional in the translation and interpretation field - and totally biased with the disaster Mr. Obowama is inflicting in this great nation - one thing is clear for me: the man must be going nuts.

Someone needs to ration his TOTUS hours.
Use duct tape if necessary but please, make it stop.

Memo to Obama:

“Are we against technology? Certainly not,” continued Stejskal. “Most translators use computer tools to speed up their work.” However, “both translation software and qualified human translators are vital to language security,” he noted. “Today all the leading proponents of computer translation recognize that human beings will always be essential, no matter how sophisticated translation programs become.”

Mr. President, for your information, a mistaken and lousy translation or interpretation goes beyond the ridicule nonsense of a business document or marketing website.

In some fields, like in the justice and court system, it could mean ruining the life of a innocent forever, or viceversa. In the medical field - where I work - it translates (no pun intended) into a safety issue.
And that means that a human life could be at stake.

Will you get it now? - don't think so.

But, anyway, what will be next?!
Him telling me how many times a week I should... oops, never mind.

BTW, there has been a 15% increase in the demand for language translators and interpreters in the US.

Oh! Wait... maybe POTUS is planning a plan B to get a job as translator when he gets kick out of the WH in three years? Dunno...

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