Jan 29, 2010

Venezuela: students protest against socialism

Despite the MSM silence on what's going on in Venezuela, for the past several days, students in Caracas has taken the streets to march against socialism. Yes, against socialism.

With no weapons and sporting signs that read "Students without weapons", they have been marching for libertad - the freedom that Monkey Chavez socialist power grab has been taking away from Venezuelans, at the same time that sinks in misery and failed economic policies what once was one of the richest countries in Latin American.

See the story in images here, via Noticias24:

 LIBERTAD (Freedom), that what says in this girl's arm.

"Students without weapons"

The National Guard sporting chains with hooks to repress the students protests, as published in the Venezuelan newspaper "El Nacional".

For more information on the marches, check George's coverage at The Real Cuba.

The "in-your-shoes" reflection is a must.

Sould we, in America, learn from young and un-armed students? Probably. Not taking freedom for granted is always a good idea. The minute one fall asleep, a commie wanna be will try to rise to take it away from you.

In the worst case scenario, will something similar happen in our universities. I, honestly, highly doubt it. The majority of the universities in the United States have become campuses for marxist and leftist indoctrination.

Just look at the resumen of the "historian" that recently died.

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Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

College campuses have become so Socialist that it frightens me.