Mar 11, 2010

CUBA: ex political prisoner in hunger strike taken to hospital

The (c)astro's dictatorship is getting ready to wash their dirty hands with more innocent Cuban blood.

Photo credit: EFE/ El Nuevo Herald

Today Guillermo "Coco" Fariñas, a Cuban psicologist, peaceful dissident, indepedent journalist and ex political prisoner, collapsed in his home in Santa Clara and has been taken to the hospital.

It is Fariñas' 16th day on a hunger strike he started after the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, to demand the release of 26 Cuban political prisoners who are severely ill. Zapata's death filled with blood - one more time - the hands of the castro-facist dictatorship. And Fariñas is near to go the same path.

On an average day, facing unjustices of this magnitude who have been the norm in Cuba in the past 50 years, I'd have unleashed my (toilet) mouth like there is no tomorrow.

However, in front of images like these, I just haven't been able to hold the tears. 

Shamelessly, the regimen has been planning his murder. Most of the world is looking to the other side.
But we are not.

Uncommon Sense has more on Fariñas and other Cuban political prisoners. Félix Bonné Carcasses have said that if Fariñas dies, he will taken on his place and continue the hunger strike to demand the freedom of the sick political prisoners.

Whether we agree with their weapon to fight or not, the supreme sacrifice of the human life, one thing should be clear to the world: these men are fearless. Communism had failed in trying to break them. Their strengh knows no limits; ante ellos, yo me quito el sombrero.

Via Twitter, we can learn on Fariñas updates following @farinascuba and checking the hashtag #Fariñas. Licet, who has become his spekewoman in is hometown of Santa Clara, is updating his Twitter account via SMS messages through a cell phone.

You can donate them prepaid cell phone minutes going to, specifically to the number +5352625640.

Penúltimos Días has more, in Spanish, including screenshots from Twitter updates.

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