Mar 13, 2010

Cuba, hunger strikes and Fariñas's condition

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As I write this post, Guillermo Coco Fariñas is still alive.
But there is really no way to know for how long...

Last evening, #Fariñas was the #2 trending topic in Twitter in the US.

That's what we have been left to do: using the internet to spread the reality the MSM in the United States and other partd of the world refuse to report.

It's working something, though. When the regime deploys its cyber brigade in rapid response mode on Twitter, it means they are scared. They have no way to control and censor the internet 100%. Call it your tropical version of the Iran green revolution...

A blog has been set up for information on Guullermo Coco Fariñas.

Today's updates can be read here:

Babalu Blog

Uncommon Sense

Penultimos Dias (Spanish)

Directly from #Fariñas updates in Twitter, my own free translation of some tweets:

about 13 hours ago via txt  - Stable, without urinating.

4:57 PM Mar 11th via txt  - intensive care unit, bed 8

4:54 PM Mar 11th via txt - Farinas conscious, oriented, stable

2:46 PM Mar 11th via txt - In these moments, Guillermo Fariñas is hospitalized in the intensive care unit

3:53 PM Mar 8th via The Remote - I am not afraid to die, but to dissapoint my brothers in this fight [those] who are in the streets, in the exile and in prison

3:52 PM Mar 8th via The Remote - This sacrifice I do it for the independent journalists, for the opposition, for people in the civil society and for the bloggers.

3:48 PM Mar 8th via The Remote  - I answered him that those asylum offers should be made to my 26 brothers that continue jailed, in very poor health conditions.

3:46 PM Mar 8th via The Remote - I can tell you thw Cuban goverment contacted Spain's for them to offer me political asylum in Spain. I have refused.

3:45 PM Mar 8th via The Remote  - In his first visist, visita Carlos Pérez asked me to stop the [hunger] strike because of the conversations that have started between the governments of Cuba and España

3:41 PM Mar 8th via web - I received another visit from the political counselor in the Spain's embassy, Mr. Carlos Pérez

3:38 PM Mar 8th via web - Raúl castro gave me a Makarov pistol for being the most outstanding private int he war, and I donated to the Camilitos [military high school academies ] museum

3:36 PM Mar 8th via web - I have only used violence when I was under Raul Castro's chain of command, when he sent us to the war in Angola. 

1:00 PM Mar 7th via The Remote - Through his friends with whom he was in Angola, Coco Fariñas, learns that Raúl Castro's orders regarding him is "let him die". 

Yes, little prince, we've known that all along... that you will let Guillermo Coco Fariñas, a man with capital letter as you´re unable to be, die.

At this point in time, who the hell care about more blood, right?

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