Mar 15, 2010

The Cuba she saw, the Cuba where I was born (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Pototo, a commenter over Babalú Blog - who also posted about this article today - notes a couple of glitches that I, bad Mathematician that I am, especially after midnight, did catched.

For what its worth the American Thinker article by Ms. Smith is a but inaccurate to the Castro’s favor. One of the errors is that Cubans earn $250 dollars a month. That’s overestimated by 10x or more. Best I know they make between $10-$15 per month. The picture she shows referring to the butchers Che and Fidel are actually of Fidel and Cienfuegos. She said that people vote for community officials and that is also incorrect. The party appoints the candidates and they run against no one but themselves. Just thought I would bring that to light.

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I just came across of this testimony from an American -who goes by the pen name of Megan Smith - about her recent trip to Cuba and the unavoidable parallel between by homeland's disgrace and the utopia la-la land Obama and his enablers are trying to force upon the ultimate land of the free. (H/T to The Real Cuba)

I apologize in advance for the lenghty text, but thinking in the hordes of useful idiots we have around, drooling over Castro, Obama and et-al, it is a must. (original links disable, go to AT for source)

Again, it was not written by me, this rigth-winger, extremist, intransigent Cubanita... You can call me paranoid for not buying Obama's stuff since day one. 

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Interested in seeing Barack Obama's dreams for the U.S. in real time? Pack some toilet paper, Tylenol, and towels. Then hop a plane to Cuba. Just ninety miles off Florida's coast, Obama's ideas are alive and kicking.

In fact, visiting Cuba today may be more meaningful than ever before. Touring the country of 11 million lets you see everything the far left "knows" is right, just, and good for all of us.

Step out at Havana's José Martí airport to throngs of Cubans. The people -- warm and welcoming -- meet friends and relatives at the airport. Hundreds wait for arrivals. Though the government boasts 3.4% unemployment, judging by airport greeters and others hanging around town, those stats are questionable.

Cuba has two currencies: the CUCs (Cuban Convertible Pesos, pronounced "kooks"), which buy the good stuff, and the Cuban peso: fairly worthless. Cubans are paid in pesos. Twenty-five pesos equal one CUC. It's nearly impossible to earn enough pesos to purchase the number of CUCs needed to buy better items. So Cuba's black market is thriving.

Billboards featuring Fidel and his murderous pal Che Guevara are everywhere.

"Viv[a] la Revolución" and "Siempre la Revolución" signs abound, too. Never mind that the Revolution happened 51 years ago, or that Cuba's been trapped in a time warp and state of decay ever since. The Revolution was Castro's finest moment. And he will never let you forget it. There are no promos for anyone else...except Hugo Chávez. Advertising private enterprise is banned.

Cuba has a centralized government. People vote for municipal officials (neighborhood folks) every two and a half years to represent them in Congress. The Castros are never on a ballot. And, in the Obama spirit, Castro's ideas reign supreme regardless of needs or opinions.

For the entire piece go here.

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