Mar 15, 2010

Welcome to Cubazuela! - or is it Venecuba?

Keep your anticommunism radars well oiled and running, because that (stuff) is hitting the ceiling fan:

Hugo "Monkey" Chavez, Venezuela's communist-dictator in the making, ordered in his Sunday radio "show" that all members of the Venezuela's United Socialist Party (PSUV) should start studying Marxism if they wanted a guaranteed victory int he elections.

Yes, you read correctly. Waving a "Communist Manifesto" in his hands, he ordered them to study Marxism. (Spanish version only, so far)
My very own free translation of the money quotes:

"... there are lazy people who never grab a book" and prefer the soap operas and other electronic hobbies, instead of getting themselves ready for the XXI Century Socialism. " (Or is Dr. Utopia bashing you for spending your money in Vegas?... never mind... confused Cubanita over here)

"We shouldn't have a single candidate, not even a member of the PSUV that has not read Karl Marx, Rose Luxemburg, Ernesto "Che" Guevara.He added and emphasized that "it would be a tragedy" if the PSUV doesn't keep the majority now has in the unicameral National Assembly. "

This idiot can not even come up with a communist crap of his own making; he is limited to recycling the same anti-West, anti-USA rhetoric that Castro has been force-feeding in the tropical gulag for 50 years.

I'm really sorry to beat the dead horse but, to my dear Venezuelan friends, I need to pose the same question, one more time: so Chavez was not communist, he was not going to mess up Venezuela the same way Castro messed up Cuba, no way! That will no happen in Venezuela!

Yeah... sure... whatever...

By the way, back home those studies, scheduled for all members of the communist party and aspiring members enrolled in the Youth Communist Union, were called "círculos de estudio" or "círculos políticos".

You know, in case Venezuelans are interested in becoming familiar with the new terminology. You betcha Chavez mono-neuronal brain will not be able to come up with his own title.

Just sayin'...

PS - My BF, Venezuelan herself, always goes beyond her pacifism and offers the ultimate solution: on single bullet, straight ahead to the mole.

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Sass said...

Whoa. Unbelievable. I agree with your Best Friend!