Mar 23, 2010

Health care power grab: Colorado AG will join lawsuit

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today he will join another 11 states in a lawsuit against the federal health care power grab - I mean, reform - passed by Congress last Sunday.

The Denver Post has the report here.

They have also posted a poll where, so far, 57.19% of respondents have answered "Yes!"  to the question: "Colorado Attorney General John Suthers says Colorado will sue the federal government to block federal health care legislation." Would you support this lawsuit?

In case that you haven't noticed that health care bill monstruosity (that it is not true reform by any means), came with an attached tail for... students loans.

Yep. The goverment not only will own you health care choices, now they will also own your student loan choices, since this legislation kicks out the option to have private lenders.

When will the government stop trying to own ALL your choices in life? That's a very good question, and you may start going to get clues for your answer from places like...  Cuba? Or North Korea?

Sorry to break the good news, but there is never such a thing as a free lunch:

1- Student aid linked to the health care legislation will be trimmed, cut, reduced...

2- The Pell Grant Program, which is one of the best financial aid programs for low income students that can not afford to pay full tuition - and I can testify that because I was one of its recipients when I did my master at FIU - will also be reduced. The program already have an estimate 18-19 billion deficit.

Now, for all that Marxists in the making, Che-lovers and Obama's blind followers college students I have only one question: How is that hope and change working for you now?

How is this legislation not a concealed redistribution of wealth instrument when you, college student, will be able to stay in your parents health insurance policy until age 26 (children my shoes!) but then, you will have to pay more for you college tuiton in order to pay for your neighbor's health coverage? And all from the goverment, you know... kind of like a one-stop shop.

Can your super-powered useful mind, please, explain me that?

Didn't think so.

Finally, yes, I am still wondering what on earth have health care reform anything to do with students loans.

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