Mar 26, 2010

Ladies in White - dragging myself to another post, just because of them

I am tired.
I am exhausted.

I am hopelessly tired to see what’s going on in my native homeland and desperate to see how my adopted-homeland is being forced down the same path by the Obama administration and its enablers.

The progressives, Socialistoids, Marxists and Communists-in-the-making that are wrecking the United States are working overtime to erase the word FREEDOM from our lives.

Everything is a take-over by the government.

Everything is a power-grab orchestrated by the most corrupt claque of politicians that I’ve ever seen in my life – after (c)astro’s nomenklatura. Or are they even?

Pretty soon, our earth-conscious, organic and recycled toilet paper will come imprinted with THE words: “We The People”.

This is just too painful to witness and honestly, I find it harder and harder to cope.

However, it is on those worst days when something happens and, bang! I hit the floor and that makes me put every thing in perspective.

The plea of the Ladies in White is one of those things that are able to ground me, in a New York minute.
(H/T to Babalú Blog)

I have no right to feel tired. I have no right to say I am saddened by the USA’s current political circus. I have no right to complain. I should just shut up and keep talking, blogging, Twittering, marching, speaking with regular people and ét al.

Because when I look back to my oppressed native homeland, those women are experiencing things a gazillion times worse that my conservative, common-sense fatigue. What on earth am I complaining for?

They march for their loved ones. And we march for and with them. (And even the MSM notices!)

They are dragged and pulled by their hair. They are assaulted by Nazi-like pro-government mobs.

Ladies in White / Damas de Blanco: Seven years has passed since their sons, husbands, brothers and fathers were sent to prison for having the courage to dissent.

Seven years since the Black Spring of 2003.

And they keep marching, armed only with gladiolas.

Photo - Reuters - Via Uncommon Sense

And we're blessed that - so far - here in America, we still have, love and defend freedom. (Whether we're gonna be able to preserve it for our children is... well... that's another ball game).

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