Mar 3, 2010

Hummm, hummm, hummm

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This morning I kind of woke up with the news, via Babalú Blog, that a new poll found that there is little clamor for change in the U.S. embargo on Cuba. (Spanish version here) 40% to 36%, to be more exact.

And... happened with that generational shift and the genuflexive position of Obowama and his "new approach" to the gang of communist thugs 90 miles South of Florida?

This is something that, unavoidably, takes me to Alberto's post the other day about how important is to hit the dictartorship and those corrupts tyrants where it will hurt them the most: in their commie wallets.

Please, make no mistake: the depauperation of Cuba is the last 50 years has NOTHING to do with the embargo, and any regular average Cuban Joe knows that.

The whole tropical gulag has always been a failure, even when the pipes established directly from Russia and the Eastern Europe communist countries were up and happily running all year long.

Cubans have lived on misery, starvation and as slaves-substandard human beings while the militar and communist elite have had the life of their times, á la "hated rich people" in the US, despite the embargo restrictions.

Personally, this topic places me between a rock and a hard place. A really hard one, because I still have relatives (sub)living back in the island. However, I know a change in this policy WILL NOT change an iota in my relative's life back there. 

The reality is that Cuban people's way of life improves as its government worsens.

It will leave the regimen without justification for its disasters! Yes, and...?
How is that gonna change my relatives' day to day living? Will that allow them to meet freedom? Will that allowed learn what life, liberty and the pursue of happiness is?

Absolutely not. Even more, lifting what is left of the embargo without meaningful changes in Cuba will do more harm than good, and will entrench that corrupt communist dictatorship in the power even more.

How do I know? Well, from the main source:
  • Castro’s own words: “There will not be change in Cuba with or without a blockade”.
  • June 16, 2002: in a “no-alternative referendum”, petitioned a constitutional amendment declaring Cuba’s socialist system "untouchable" and "eternal". The rubber-stamp National Assembly passed the constitutional amendment making the one-party socialist state "irrevocable".  

If the embargo is lifted, it will, actually, become (yet another) liability for me, as American taxpayer.In this crazy era of goverment takeovers, bailouts and spending like there is no tomorrow, the least thing I want to end up with is paying for the defaulted credits with American banks of a dictator widely known as the worst payer in the face of earth.

You can read more about the real life facts of bringing democracy to Cuba, one mojito at a time, here.

Obama already placed the ball in (c)astro's court by lifting the restrictions on remittances and traveling by Cuban Americans. And what happened in Cuba? The prince took the crown and increased repression of political dissent, so nothing changed.

That being said, do still I believe the cosmetic measures still in place will bear any fruits?

Yes. I mean, on top of protecting my wallet and my son's financial future (if there is any left for him after Obamaquake).

Yes, it they are properly used with the sole goal of seeing human rights, freedom of speech, free elections and democracy coming back to Cuba.

UPDATE: Israel asks the US to implement a Cuba-like embargo against Iran.
Hummm, hummm, humm... but the Cuban embargo has not worked in fifty years, no? 

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