Mar 2, 2010

What is torture? - a compilation of thoughts, images and comments

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What is torture?
[Original post, image and comments, in Spanish, at Guamá]

Pulling off finger nails and teeth is not the only form of torture.

Torture is also being locked in room of 2 X 2 (meters), with the air conditioner in its colder setting, with no socks, wearing shorts and a shirt, not being guilty.

Torture is to force a drunk man to “dance like Alicia Alonso” while a stick is being stuck in his [rear end].

It is torture to be locked down in a cell meant for four people, which it is filled with [heces] up to the height of your ankles, along with another ten men.

It is torture if a police officer asks you for identification with not reason whatsoever, and while you are asking him why, he slaps you in the face.

Torture is to spend three years in the mandatory military draft in the [military base] 3500 or in Cuito Cuanavale [Angola]

Torture is the authorization to leave [exit permit] and the authorization to enter [entrance stamp]

Torture is a note in the academic records for “ideological deviation” or “attempting against your own life” after entering the dorms through the external gutter because a dorm’s administrator does not allow you to get in to grab your asthma inhaler, because your duty is going to pick up bags of oranges, only to have rice and peas as lunch afterwards.

Torture is [living] chasing after food and [material] stuff like stray dogs begging.

Torture and murder is to censor, to enslave, to manipulate and to force an entire populace to fight against each other.

Torture is the promoted hate, the fear to talk about you.

Torture IS YOU.

[Give me a break!]

Now, there are the comments that should make history: 

(Garrincha) … and we all know there is more in the tortures’ list.

( Yosi) ... Torture is the family’s separation, torture is one bread [bun] a day per person and six eggs per month, and torture is not being able to eat red meat or nourish [yourself] properly. Torture is to live in a house all your life, seeing that is falling onto you. Torture is standing a crazy dictator for more than 50 years. All that, and much more, is torture in Cuba.

(Ma. Acapulco) ...Torture was each one of those speeches, broadcasted simultaneously in all TV channels. Four hours of torture. And torture is to have an idiot from the state security questioning you why did you say this and that…
But, on top of all those tortures, they do pull off teeth if they have to, and finger nails too, they pick and the beat up whomever they have to. What happens is that they are so evil that their torture techniques are silent and concealed; that torture is not evident: the rooted hatred, the evil whistle blowing, the social piece of crap… they have designed it so well, so á la Machiavelli, that that torture is just enough.


(Yosi)... I just saw the photos from the dead [patients] in Mazorra and I’m in shock, poor elderly, living in there was a torture for them.

(Cucovish) … [Ryme in Spanish; translation will be out of synch in English]

What is torture?
What is torture?, you ask, while you
Stick in my eye’s pupil your brownish one
What is torture? And you ask me?!
Torture is you [faggot]

( Güicho) …Torture is having to stand a shark bites, one after another, or swallow sea water, over and over, until you die. All whiel trying to escape from the other tortures in your island-plantation, SOB!

Now, my two cents…

• Torture is having to kill the cockroaches flying on top of your severely ill father’s bed in an intensive care unit.

• Torture is seeing your uncle undergoing dialysis for last stage renal failure due to diabetes, but having your siblings sending the erythropoietin weekly shots from Germany.

• Torture is seeing, the day of your uncle’s funeral, in the middle of the Vía Blanca [highway] the mortuary car stopped because it ran our of gas, halfway to Havana’s cemetery. And having had to stop and siphon the black-market gas you bought to your own car, in order to finally bury him.

• Torture is having your father’s pancreas damaged by a medical malpractice and not being able to say anything.

• Torture is learning that you aunt’s beautiful green eyes were pulled off during an unauthorized autopsy while in Mazorra, and that later on her body was sent, completely naked and uncovered, to the funeral home in her hometown of Guane. Torture is to know that Ordaz royally wiped his rear bottom with the complaint letters written by my mother.

• Torture were the eight hours long blackouts, on a rotating basis, in the summer of 1994, being asked – while in school – to denounce your classmates if you’d see them praying on Sundays, or seeing your mother suffering from a neuropathy (Beri Beri) epidemic caused simply by hunger.

• Torture is the ration of 30 feminine pads per month – irregular women are not allowed in this socialist revolution!

• Torture is having to deal with the fact that after age seven, your children will not receive more milk through the rationing card.

• Torture is seeing the pictures and the differences between the hospital’s OR where my cousin had her two C-sections, and the room in the suburban borderline rural birthing center where my dear son was born.

• Torture is to see that it will take a long time before my son can see the hometown of his grandparents, that he is unable to spend the weekends at the beach with his cousins and that he is not growing up in the neighborhood where his mother did.

• Torture is that, even living in freedom and working my butt off like a mule for my family, I still feel a knot in my throat when I eat an ice cream cone or buy something cute, after the mere thought that the loved ones that I left behind may never enjoy such petty things in life.

• Torture is going back witness, with your own eyes, that the new generations of Cuban could care less about other human beings. And we can not blame them for only dreaming with jumping off the strait get out of there.

• Torture is seeing that three generations of Cubans have been broken by 50 years of communist dictatorship. Broken souls and hopeless faces; that’s all left.

… to be continued, but, hopefully, NOT for another fifty years.

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