Apr 15, 2010

Are you ready to bend over to Uncle Sam?

Never before with such a high level of unwillingness.

But I am.

Today is Tax's Day. But more importantly, it's Tea Party Protest Day!

By now, most common sense Americans know about the smears, slurs, and efforts to discredit the Tea Party movement, all over the MSM and the liberal minds that are taking our country towards the path to this crazy light-socialism.

So first, let’s lighten up the day:

(H/T Michelle Malkin)

Then, let’s get moving. Two big Tea Party protest will be taking place in Colorado.

The first one, happening right now in the steps of the state’s capital building, is being live streamed at People’s Press Collective. You can also follow the live conversation in Twitter at #coteaparty.

The second one will start at 5 pm in Fort Collins – Washington Park, 301 Maple Street, behind City Hall.

The key this year is that the Tea Party smear movement is in panic mode, and they have publicly announced they will sabotage the protests.

Get yourself ready to stop the smear merchants with this quick guide:

How to spot a Tea Party infiltrator.

Progressive Tea Party infiltrators...

Happy Tea Party Protest Day!

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I LOVE it!

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