Apr 15, 2010

Sen. Jim DeMint backs Ken Buck’s race for US Senate

Late last night, a friend forwarded me the email from Ken Buck’s campaign with the news: Sen. Jim DeMint, Republican from South Carolina, announced his endorsement of Buck’s race for the US Senate.

This morning, The Greeley Tribune and The Denver Post were on it.

Needless to say, the underdog of this race – who happens to be my District’s Attorney in Weld County – got a huge boost.

The money quote?
“I haven't seen anything like what's happening in Colorado since Marco Rubio in Florida.”

(Do I have to mention that this Cubanita over here is twice as proud?)

I remember I was briefly introduced to Ken Buck a few years ago, when I was the reporter and copy editor for the local weekly newspaper – in Spanish. Those were the days when the paper’s launching was met with a lot of resistance from the community. And a lot of rude and senseless anonymous comments in The Greeley Tribune’s website. I remember of even being accused of wanting to bring communism to the town… Duh?! I left Cuba to escape FROM communism!

Anyway, maybe because of this or maybe because of deep rooted stereotypes against Republican politicians in newsrooms, I was left with the impression he didn’t like us that much.

Despite that, since he launched his campaign for the US Senate, I liked it.

I’ve seen his work as DA pursuing not-so-popular cases in the name of the rule of law and the safety of our community (local gangs, ID theft by undocumented immigrants linked to tax returns, the ICE raids in the Swift meatpacking plant, and the murder of a Latina transgender girl). So far, he has proven to be a commonsense conservative, which is what we need in this country now. And I happen to agree with most of his stands on issues.

Buck has gotten the support of the local Tea Party activists and I’m glad he has been bumped to the national scene with DeMint support. He would be a great option to go green, and recycle Michael “Miguelito” Bennet.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll have a chance to redo the introductions… after all, if you go back to stereotypes, nobody would even either imagine that I was not your typical liberal Latina working in a newsroom.

[But... wait... the media - and in overall American's impression - doesn't see us, Cuban Americans, as Hispanic or Latinos, you know, we are some sort of white sugar-enriched dudes, despite the lack of real basis for that, I was born and raised under Castro's communist dictatorship... never mind. I'm babbling over here...]

Go Buck!

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