Apr 13, 2010

An (un) healthy round-up of current affairs...

How do you spell socialism in English?
Higher - taxes = redistribution - of - wealth

So, you were honestly thinking that it was about reforming the US system of delivering health care.
Yeah, sure.

To keep up the mood, here is a WSJ take on how this (power-grab) law will affect Medicare. Please, take note of these statements:
... upper-income participants should prepare for higher premiums and, in some cases, higher taxes, too.
For some Medicare recipients, the health-care legislation also will impose higher costs...
Others will be hit with tax increases...

Redistribution of wealth clearly spelled and easy to understand, even for me, that communicate on an "English-with-barrier" basis.

Lastly, I will leave you with a professional take:
The CEO of the Cleveland's Clinic weights in the so called health care reform legislation.

The Foundry is compiling for you the daily side effect of Obamacare.

Have at it.
Cubanita is busy moving, working, raising a child, teaching Spanish, trying to relax...And honestly, I am getting sick and tired of all the crap that surround us lately.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya mama. I feel ya!

-Sassafrita :)

Cubanita said...

Arghh!! It is so frustrating!!!
Should we fly to New Zeland? Hide under a bed until this nightmare is over? Find John Galt's cave and move there?

Cubanita said...

I am having a low tolerance day, as you can clearly see

Anonymous said...

Oh mama. I don't know. But it gets me so sick and worried. Is there anywhere to go to?