May 24, 2010

Beware of the dog...err... the Cuban diplomat -UPDATE

On Saturday May 22nd, the Cuban consul in Norway (who happens to be the wife of the Cuban ambassador in that country) bit the hand of a Cuban-Norwegian young woman who was filming a protest in front of the consulate. The girl, Alexandra Joner, is a Norwegian singer are dancer, born to Cuban parents.

The protesters, a small group of people dressed in white, where holding hand-made signs demanding freedom for Cuba's political prisoners. YouTube Exhibit #1 here. (H/T to Marc, via Twitter - @marcmasferrer)

Stay classy, communist b%$#&! -- no pun intended ;-)

Apparently, this is not the first rabid incident involving the furry couple that are supposed to be acting as representatives of Castro's diplomacy...

UPDATE: an audio file with an interview of the bitten girl's mother, Barbara Joner, in Spanish, via Punt De Vista.

Garrix has an easy-to-read graphic explanation of Cuba's School of Foreign Relations best practices on recruiting:

Vet's Office: "'s from the Cuban Embassy... they want to check if we can deworm two of their officials..."

Let's see... we need an assistant for the consul, two embassadors... *

Canine Division: So... were you also called by Minrex? *

* MINREX= Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores / Office or department of foreign relations.

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