May 25, 2010

Update on rabid Cuba's consul in Norway

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Via Punt de Vista and Twitter (#Norway #perra #mordida #consul), here is my freely-translated version of the latest updates:

The Cuban consul in Oslo that bit a peaceful protester in her hand is in deep trouble, which her canine narrow mind – I apologize to all smart dogs out there, barf! – could never anticipate.

The news of the aggression towards Alexandra Joner, @AlexandraJoner, -Norwegian girl of Cuban descent that is a model, singer and actress- during last Saturday protest in front of the Cuban consulate in Oslo went viral online during the weekend and this morning, was being reported in all major news in Norway

Alexandra Joner
Close up of the bite
The Cuban consul faces being declared persona non grata in Norway, along with her husband, ambassador Rogerio Santana:

Although the Norwegian authorities have not made an official declaration yet, Barbara Joner, the mother of the young woman attacked by the Cuban consul hopes that she will be expulsed from the country. This morning, the mother of the girl went to a police station to file a forma complaint against the Cuban consul. She said in Norway an aggression of this kind is “unacceptable”.

She mentioned that, by the way the incident is being handled by the press; this has become a “national scandal”. Therefore, she believes this will lead to a diplomatic confrontation between the two countries. “There is no other way around than the expulsion, and we are only waiting for the bureaucratic process to be finished to have her, finally, expulsed from the country,” said Barbara Joner. A friend that his helping the Joners with their official complaints said that in Norway’s environment, the fact the consul approached the young girl, intimidated her and used (some of the worst Cuban-style) slurs is seen as a gravely offensive attitude that does not meet the standards of international diplomacy at all.

Norwegian officials are formally demanding the expulsion of both, the rabid Castro’s representative and her husband, who is the ambassador in Oslo:

In a popular news morning show, God Morgen Norge, Jan Tore Sanne, a conservative politician in the Norwegian parliament said he will not accept a mere setter of protest from the Foreign Relations department to the Cuban embassy, nor any sort of apologies. He stated he will demand the expulsion of both the Cuban consul and her husband.

This woman was never able to calculate the consequences of her communist class act. As expected, last night she started backpedaling and is trying to twist the story, saying that Alexandra Joner attacked her first:

“She attacked me”, said the Cuban diplomat, whose name is Carmen Julia Guerra, during an interview with this TV channel. And while she was being nice giving her explanations to the media, she was being depictive towards Alexandra and her mother, Barbara Joner, both also present during the interview.

If you thought that Castro's thugs were in Cuba only, think again. They are everywhere, posing a hazard risk for diplomatic relations everywhere.

What its worse, nor them or their idiot enablers in Havana want to see the reality that is slapping them in their faces: they can not censor YourTube, Twitter, cell phone vids and freedom of speech on the Internet.

Their Nurenberg will probably be hosted online and their demise will come dressed up as a blue bird, with a .com tag on it.

TIP - If you need to request a visa to the Cuban consulate in Oslo in the near future, and would like to inquire whether you'll need a rabies shot prior to the appointment, the consulate phine number is
011-47-2308-3260 (H/T Penultimos Dias)

Via Guama - jokes to last an entire month...

Close up of CUJA, the murderer -Cuban- dog.

A video clip of Laila Samuels, interpreting "Nineteen", where Alexandra Joner plays a role.

And a priceless traditional Cuban rhyme dedicated to the b%^$#! - too bad it can't be translated!


Sassafrita said...

Wow. I had no idea.

The model is beautiful!

John Suarez said...

Thanks for the hyperlink & the great reporting!

John Suarez said...

Thanks for the hyperlink & the great reporting!

John Suarez said...

Thanks for the hyperlink, and a great blog entry. Excellent reporting.

Cubanita said...

Not at all, John! You did a great job, so thank you for being such a good source...