Apr 17, 2008

Sicko stories from Cuba's psychiatry

Updating the news about my own Cuba re-education program, let me tell you I just finished reading "The politics of psychiatry in Revolutionary Cuba", by Armando Lago and Charles Brown and, as it's becoming usual, I'm still in shock.

The book is written in a very unconventional style, since is more like a compilation or reports and interviews. But that does not undermine at all the information that you can dig from it. Un (f....) believable!

There were some points where I was feeling as if I was seeing one of those horror and suspense movies about wacko hospitals and mental health clinics. Some others gave me quite intense chills and even some tears.

Then, the faded memories of the news I saw when I just arrived to Miami about Heriberto Mederos, how he was discovered by some of his victims from Mazorra while working, in a nursing home! And the failure of the immigration system that gave him the protection of this country citizenship. The beast didn't even pay in prison; he died before that glorious moment.

The worst part came when stomped with this "article" on the Internet. Or when I read about the award Pan-American Health Organization gave to Ordaz. It sucks.

It sucks up to a point that really makes me feel that I'm going to throw up everytime I see examples of those useless international organizations whose members are mostly viviendo la dulce vida y haciéndose los de la vista gorda with the horrors happening in front of their eyes. (UN, rings the bell anyone?).

I now can't help to wonder how many other horror stories might have happened and we don't know anything about them, and how many others stupid commies will come to defend what is, with no doubts, state-sponsored torture.

I'm now more informed about the real history of the Cuban revolution, but man, it has taken its toll.

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