Jun 5, 2008

Have I told you, lately...

how confusing some things are to me?
Like this:

An independent coalition of Cuban farmers is asking the government for an agrarian reform. Didn’t this happened –according to what I was taught in school back in Cuba, during the wonderful first five years of the “revolution”? Boy, there is something really whacked in the (version of) history I’ve learned. I guess I’ll need to re-educate myself, pronto.

Then, I read that the International Republican Institute conducted a clandestine survey in Cuba and The New York Times goes over it. The majority said their biggest concerns were in the range of economics and dealing with a grueling stomach. And there are people surprised that only a 10% mentioned the lack of political freedom as the main problem facing the country.
Is the NYT surprised? I'm not.

Dude, have you read lately what happens to those who dare to speak against the regimen under raúl, the munificent reformer? With all the secrecy of the survey, do you really think people didn’t run risks by answering while being closely watched by el comité and who knows how many more ñángaras?

But, what struck me the most is that they call the study “rare”. I guess I need to deepen on the concept of rare. Can someone, please. shed me some light on this?

Last but not least, I am deeply concerned with my debut in my the presidential elections in November. I’ve said before it was not what I have in mind. At. All.

In the past few days, I’ve been under the impression that all these images of… ejem… (clear my throat) Obama, are looking way too familiar. Eureka! Michelle Malkin got it for me.

Not that I am surprised at all with the similitude. But you’ve heard the saying, “If looks red, smells like red, looks like Che and is endorsed by barbatruco, then it’s more surely a commie tapiñao”.

Pero eso no es todo. No, qué va! There is more to be added to my confused state of mind: che "the butcher of La Cabaña" heirs, after living la vida como Rockefeller, are asking respect for their father's image and talking against its commercial use.

Excuse me??!!
Would you, please, give the heads-up to the useful idiots, including Hollywood & Co.?

H/T to Penúltimos Días, Uncommon Sense and Michelle Malkin.

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