Jul 28, 2008

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OK. An introductory disclaimer is required: I usually do not buy gossip magazines because most if the time I’m done reading “the meat” of them by the time I finish my line at the cashier at any given grocery store.

However, I sometimes give up when I’m in the airport, facing a several hours trip and I’ve made the mistake to forget my book in the kitchen counter. That’s when I usually grab whatever is closer in order to have something to read.

That being said, I know those impulses have its consequences and long-term side effects, but what I saw a few days ago while flying to Arizona left me just … speechless (to keep the politeness over here)

Subject in this case was Marie Claire’s August issue and its “Marie Claire Sexy 101” section, on page 24. Introduced as … “here is our definitive It list of the celebs, splurges, trends, and places that will leave you begging for more”.

There, between the sexiest shoes (Chistian Louboutin stilettos), kitchen aid (Ascaso Dam espresso-maker) and fix (dark chocolate anything –which I totally agree with), in the number 47, was listed the sexiest nation.

Wanna bet? Cuba.

Marie Claire’s explanation –and I quote? “Fidel’s out, cell phones and home ownership are in. Let’s get this party started!”

Ay Dios mío! Por eso es que estamos como estamos.

Indeed,it's OK to feature serious topics like anorexia and Iraqi refugees surviving as prostitutes. But no, it's not OK to feature the reality of a country, a society and more than one generations destroyed by a communist dictatorship. I guess that's not cool or even closer to be hot trend, right?

Please, someone tell me the side effects of this idiotic are not going to last forever.
Please, please…

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