Jul 29, 2008

He has his tax plan, and I certainly do have mine

I've been reading so much lately about Obama's plans to increase taxes in all humanly (and not so human) possible ways, that I've lost track of all the sources.

For sure, I can not even link all of them here... the space wouldn't be enough.

But, after reading and seeing one number next to other in this Michael J. Boskin op-ed in the WSJ (Thanks to Cigar Mike, from Babalú, who is as traumatized as MDH and I with these nonsense); I've come with my own plan.

If America ends up with an economics's illiterate chief of command whose first signature will go toward an illiterate decision of raising taxes, this Cubanita over here will certainly follow with another illiterate decision.

I will quit my job, became a full time Mom... and off we go to live on welfare!!!
Isn't that Mr. "O" ultimate goal anyway, you know, la igualdad and all that BS?

So here I am, a case-study example of the golden nugget of Boskin's essay:

"The result is a remarkable reduction in work incentives for our most economically productive citizens" ... "Despite the rhetoric, that's not just on "rich" individuals. It's also on a lot of small businesses and two-earner middle-aged middle-class couples in their peak earnings years in high cost-of-living areas".

Now I've got to go... I've to stop by local social service office to pick up the truckload of applications.

Who knows... after November, I might even be able to get a gas devouring SUV and a bunch of golden chains with all the virgins habidas y por haber, while living in lowest income bracket and with public assistance. Y qué viva la Pepa! --FYI, I'm just being sarcastic.

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