Jun 10, 2009

And now this?

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First, against army recruiters.

Now, against a guard at the National Holocaust Museum.

What comes next?

I mean, after the endless tale of apologies, the whicked data and statistics courtesy of POTUS... Jeez! so much for the change that we've (I didn't) got ourselves into...

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No, the nut case who did this was not a rightwinger; to be more accurate, he was not a conservative, the shooter proclaimed clearly: “SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West.” He was, indeed, an equal-opportunty-hater.


Cubanita said...


No, no Entiendo.

That's why I decided to ban your comments, until you make yourself more clear of your point because, to be completely honest, I didn't quite understood nor like what I read in your blog.

Thanks for stopping by anyway.

Cubanita said...

Ay mi hermana, que pena me da tu caso!I'm really sorry for your confusion and sterotyped mind that takes you to automatically think that asking for clarification is a sign of racism.

Aclarte quiero, para que equivocarte no vayas, that violence is horrible. Whether it is prompted by racism or by any other reason, is despicable and will never be justifiable. Now, will you point out on my post or my blog where have I ever condone violence or racism?

No obstante, I will spare a few minutes you, so we can set the record straight. (The worders of freedom and democracy, eh?):

Agreed this is all about Cuba's free speech and human rights. (Well, not exactly this post, you know)Where in my post or any other part of the blog have I said differently? Unfortunately, my question to make yourself clear regarding your comment remains unanswered. Maybe is a difference between our communication styles?

I don't know... but that does not undermines the fact that this blog it is also about me, my life experiences and the way I see my homeland's situation. Whether you agree with my views or not, that's a whole different issue. (Again, the wonders of free speech at work!)

Regarding this:

"You need to be honest. You went to my sites and saw that i was AfroCuban and decided to ban!! Cuban style /Fidel style!! duh!!my comments. This is called oppression!I live in Colorado, also sister, have been here for 25 yrs. i am a supporter of the revolution and have been free all of my life".

Mi amor, you've got issues...you've got to be kidding, right? Who are you to judge my honesty. You know nothing about me. Again, asking to make yourself clear gives you a free pass to offend and to think our potential disagreement is because of the color of your skin? Again, you've got issues. Serious ones.

Since we're in the topic of honesty, and you said you're a supporter of the revolution, may I ask you then: What are you doing here? Why don't you go back to Cuba so you can be happy with that revolution you said you support? And you are the one questioning my honesty? Really?

And not, I'am not afraid of anything. FYI, I am the one that still does not get your point.

And please, do with your comments, your blog and all that whatever you want. I don't have a problem with that. Do you?

Now, going to the memory issue; mine is pretty good. I haven't been able to forget that black Cubans are the ones suffering poverty and misery the most, that the most beautiful black Cuban girls have been sistematically obligated by the situation of poverty to sell their bodies to perverted and disgusting foreigners in order to provide for their families, that the highest levels of delinquency and crime in Cuba affect black neighborhoods the most, that every time a police officer choose to ask for ID or to search someone in the street, the black person is usually the first one to be picked, that the political prisoner who suffered the longest in Cuba as black, that currently, Dr. Biscet, follower of Dr. King, is suffering prison in castro's dungeons because of his principles, that despite 50 years of fake equality propaganda, blacks in Cuba are desproportionately inequal, that the regime have only a handful of blacks as poster boys in the highest ranks, that there are not many working in tourism unless they are good looking young mulatas... should I continue?

In conclusion; I DO know what it is to be free. Trust me, I'm Cuban, remember? But again, if when I ask for clarification you think I am denying your rigth to think the way you want, querida, estas mal. Not good, not good.

(to be continued)

Cubanita said...

(continued from previous comment)

Milagros, my humble advise is that you look into yourself and think about it. You have the right to support, agree or disagree with whomever and whatever you want.

But if you think that freedom entitles you to --preventativable-- offend and judge someone else that might not agree with you (again, the main point of my request of clarification remains unanswered), you are the one who is denying other's people freedom and liberty of thinking. And if that is the case, then we don't have nothing to talk about.

FYI, I haven't banned you IP. Your freedom of thinking and posting is untouched in this blog, for now.

Refrain yourself to keep it within the topic and you will have not major issues in the future. Keep up with the verbal agression, offenses and unfounded judgements and YOU WILL BE BANNED FOREVER.

(May be then you will go back to Cuba and will live happily ever after?)

Cubanita said...

FYI, for my fellow readers: apparently, our "friend" Milagros needs to get a life, pronto.

After her rude and offensive remarks of racism she posted here and I lated erased, I've found out about the things she uses to write at other people's sites. To learn more, check it here:


Typical case of black racism/reverse racism.