Jun 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day and other coincidences

Today's is Flag Day and there is not need too summarize our feelings on this day after Claudia's post at Babalu.

One key thing she mentions is worth repeating: it's important to keep your values and your heritage, no matter from where in the world you come.

But all immigrants should always be grateful and proud of this great nation that welcomed us with open arms, and proud of the flag the represents the best values of the United States of America.

Curiously, yesterday - with this really bad memory I have, I had no idea was Flag Day's eve - I wore my new red baseball cap with the US map covered by the flag, and my entire patriotic outfit, more fitted for July 4th than any other day...


Juju said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. I'm Cuban/Colombian (my mami is Cuban & papi is Colombian). I was born & raised in the states & I'm married to an amazing blancito. I LOVE your blog so far. I'm so glad I found it.
I also couldn't agree more. My Cuban family was always very proud of what this country gave our family. It saddens me that so many immigrants these days don't appreciate the flag more.

Cubanita said...

Welcome to my little Cuban bubble, Juju!

Agreed on the appreciation point: when I see people that act otherwise, I can't stop wondering: what would my life have been if I wouldn't been able to start a new life in the US? What about my son't future?

We have countless reasons to always say "Thank You".